Drug Rehab For Women | Destination Hope: The Women’s Program

hope_womens_drug_rehabDestination Hope: The Women is a drug rehab facility dedicated to the needs of those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our womens drug rehab program builds upon the success of the men-only program which for years, has been helping individuals throughout the United States and abroad fight their addictions successfully. Located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our unique drug rehab and alcohol recovery program treats women addicted to these substances in a safe and supportive environment with goal-oriented recovery protocols. As a gender specific facility, we have created drug rehab protocols specific to women and their unique challenges in addiction. We believe that the client focus and dedication to recovery that our program provides, makes Destination Hope the ideal place to recover.

Our founding mission remains the same — to provide the utmost quality in drug rehab for women to help addicts recover from their disease and lead a drug free life. With the introduction of the women’s program we bring a specialization in women’s addiction and health – a quality not often found in drug rehabilitation. The women’s program provides Residential-Style Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Eating Disorder, Dual Diagnosis and Trauma programs.

Our proven substance abuse program is designed to offer an alternative drug rehab for women who are physically and/or psychologically dependent on drugs, alcohol or chemicals of any kind. Our goal is to assist individuals in re-shaping their lives into positive influences on themselves, their families and future generations.

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At Destination Hope, each client receives their own individualized treatment derived from a constant re-evaluation of treatment modalities as the client proceeds down the path of recovery. Each evaluation will help determine the level of care and modality of treatment the patient will continue to receive. Further, our discharge planning begins at the very first day of admission to ensure that clients have a comprehensive plan for continued success after they leave our treatment center. This plan will be updated throughout the recovery process, as everyone’s needs are different. This personal attention and high therapist-to-patient ratio gives the Destination Hope an advantage over many larger and less personal programs. We believe in a team approach to womens drug rehab and that means you, our client, are always included in the treatment planning. You will be an integral part of the decision-making in your journey. The sense of pride in being part of every aspect of your recovery is a strong motivator in and of itself.

So speak to one of our admissions counselors today and learn more about how Destination Hope’s womens drug rehab program can help you fight the disease that is ruining your life. Whether it is you or a loved one who needs help, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Call us today at 1.866.808.7111.

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