Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab Florida

The severity of alcohol abuse and prevalence of alcoholism is often overlooked due to the wide availability of the substance. There is a very fine line between proper alcohol consumption and substance abuse. Alcohol is one of the most commonly available addictive substances and because the restrictions on alcohol use are relatively lax in comparison to other addictive substances, alcohol abuse and alcoholism rates have remained stubbornly high in the United States over the past several decades. Alcoholism will likely continue to affect the United States population in epidemic proportions until greater restrictions on its use are implemented or more information on its potentially addictive properties is disseminated.

Alcoholics react to this drug of choice much in the same way that drug addicts do to narcotics and/or pills. As with any addiction, alcoholism does not only affect the abuser, but also their family and friends, who can only watch as the alcoholic loses their job, becomes more distant from their loved ones and risks life and personal safety as a result of their abuse of the substance. Women in particular face some unique challenges from alcohol abuse and addiction in that long term abuse makes them more prone to liver disease, heart damage, brain damage, and alcohol related deaths.

The first step to a new alcohol free life is admitting that there is a problem. While this is not an easy realization, the alternative just isn’t acceptable. Once an alcoholic has admitted that they do have a problem choosing the best alcohol rehab Florida offers can start to put them back on a path to a normal life and ultimately long-term sobriety. The first part of an effective Florida alcohol treatment program is detox, during which the alcoholic will rid their body of the substance being abused. Since withdrawal symptoms can be severe, this process is usually medically supervised and can last anywhere between three and seven days.

After a successful detox program, counseling and recovery administered by a licensed alcohol rehab facility like Destination Hope will help the alcoholic remain sober and cope with the countless temptations of alcohol in their environment after rehab. Destination Hope provides 30, 60 and 90 programs that are tailored to each individual and her unique circumstances.

In the end, a Florida alcohol treatment program is meant to give the alcoholic the tools to help them spend the rest of their lives sober and free of the grip of addiction. However, once a treatment program is complete, an alcoholic needs to work very hard to ensure that they do not relapse. To help recovering addicts, Destination Hope provides support groups and family therapy groups for former clients. Recovering alcoholics should also attend regular Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, which will provide a support framework for their long-term sobriety.

If you are reading this page you or somebody you know may have a problem. Getting started is very easy and requires only a phone call.  So please speak to one of our admissions counselors to learn more about Destination Hope’s alcohol addiction treatment program. Help your loved one take the steps to start on the path to ultimate sobriety.