Flexible Treatment
That Works For You

Our IOP is considered an intermediate level of care and offers many of the same benefits of the traditional full-time treatment program. This program is ideal for women who have completed our residential treatment program and wish to continue on a part-time basis.

Treatment usually takes place 3 or 4 days a week for 3 – 4 hours a day. Because of the part-time nature of IOP, Destination Hope requires a commitment of at least six weeks of care. This allows enough time to address and begin correcting the issues that may be causing the substance abuse or addiction.

What Makes our IOP Program Unique:

  • Limited size, allowing a greater degree of individual attention and care
  • Gender-specific treatment, encouraging an intense focus on recovery and bonding with each another in each other’s struggles
  • Family focused, focused on resolving any issues amongst family relationships

With less structure and supervision, clients in the IOP program must have an exceptional degree of commitment to their sobriety in order to be successful. If you think that your home environment is not a stable place to continue your recovery, Destination Hope can help you find the right sober living environment for you.

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