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Family Therapy

woman succeeding in family therapy for addiction

Compassionate Help for Families of Addicts

At Destination Hope, we understand that drug or alcohol addiction affects the entire family, not just the addict.

Addiction takes its toll on friends, family, and people who are closest to the addicted individual. We frequently treat clients who have little interaction with their families, or whose relationships have been strained by poor communication and lack of understanding. Strained relationships can fuel the addict to relapse, even after a successful course of treatment.

Our goal is not only to help addicts achieve sobriety, but also to provide help for families of addicts. Through the family program, we treat the individual and loved ones impacted by addiction.

Repairing and Restoring Family Relationships

During treatment, it is important to involve families in order to explore, address, and deal with issues within the family dynamic. We provide help for families of addicts in order to work through what you and the client have experienced, help you set healthy boundaries, and rebuild trusting relationships.

Our family program includes:

  • Individual family therapy sessions
  • Group family therapy sessions
  • Intensive family weekend workshops

We encourage all of our clients and families to participate in the family therapy program as it truly makes a difference in the treatment process.

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Getting to the Root of the Problem

compassionate help for families of addicts through family therapy

During our family therapy sessions, we can often find the root cause of the problem that may have led the loved one to abuse drugs and alcohol. Once we’ve determined the root of the problem, individual and group counseling sessions help the client and their family begin to reshape their relationship.

The road to recovery is fragile. But with support, persistence, and an open heart, great progress can be made in a short period of time. Meaningful sobriety is the type that outlasts the temptations we all experience on a daily basis. For a person going through drug or alcohol treatment, a supportive community of family and friends can be the difference between continuing recovery and relapse.

Individual & Group Family Therapy for Addiction

During treatment, counseling sessions will be completed with families and can also be completed with individual family members. Caring and compassionate members of our team will facilitate sessions to establish lines of communication in an honest and open environment.

If you have a family member who is unable to go to the facility, video conferencing or telephone conferencing may be used.

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Intensive Family Weekend Workshops

During intensive family weekend workshops, a variety of treatment techniques will be used to engage family members in the treatment process. Along with group therapy sessions, family members may engage in educational sessions, such as lectures and workshops, to provide attendees with more knowledge in addiction. Quality time will also be spent with those in recovery to get updates on their loved one’s progress and provide them with the support they need during this challenging time.

At Destination Hope, we understand that the definition of family has changed over time. Parents, spouses, children, and close friends of the patient, may be able to participate in our family program.

Along with our family program, aftercare is available to both patients who complete treatment and their family members. Former clients and their families are welcome back to the facility for family night. During the meeting, participants will receive peer support along with educational information on the disease of addiction.

Contact us to learn more about family therapy for addiction. A family in recovery grows and heals together.